Don’t make excuses for dogs

This is in response to Marianne Weston’s recent letter entitled, “Just don’t step in it.”

Dear Sir:

This is in response to Marianne Weston’s recent letter entitled, “Just don’t step in it.”

First of all, not everyone wants your dog running up and sniffing them, some people are allergic to dogs, some people afraid of them.

Everyone who has an unleashed dog running up to my kids yells the same thing, “It’s OK, he’s friendly.”

I don’t care if you think he’s friendly or not, he is face level with my kids and I won’t be friendly.

On April 5th, my three-year-old and six-year-old nephew were attacked by an unleashed dog that was, no doubt considered friendly by its owner too.

Coincidentally, there is an article about this attack in the same issue of the Terrace Standard.

I’m not sure how much time Mrs. Weston has actually spent walking Ferry Island, but for her to say that those of us who don’t feel like scraping dog crap off the bottom of our shoes should stick to walking in the “Dogs-On-Leash” ares of the park is absolutely absurd.

Anyone who has been there can tell you that there are plenty of dogs running freely in areas they are not supposed to. Instead of telling us to keep our eyes open and step around the poop that’s, “feeding mother earth,” how about quit making excuses and try being a responsible dog owner and actually picking up your dog’s fertilizer.

I can guarantee that when my three and four-year-olds are running and playing down there, that watching for piles of dog turd is the last thing on their minds.

To try to minimize or justify it by saying, “at least it decomposes,” blows my mind.

I don’t care if it decomposes or not.

I don’t want it decomposing on the bottom of my shoe or on the floormat in my vehicle.

Comparing it to other litter such as a McDonald’s wrapper makes me laugh.

If there is a cheeseburger wrapper and a steaming mound in front of you, and you are forced to choose between which one you’re going to step in, cheeseburger’s going to win every time, well except maybe in Ms. Weston’s case.

Jason Roy,

Terrace, B.C.