Could China build a pipeline?

A Terrace resident rects to news about who may build the Enbridge pipeline.

Dear Sir:

I would like to thank Petro China for saying they would be glad to build the Enbridge pipeline.

It would complete their economic trilogy of advantage over the Canadian economy.

Sinopec already owns a large stake in the Alberta Tar Sands.

So they make money mining Canadian bitumen for themselves.

Now they are proposing making money sending it to themselves where they will make still more money processing it.

Would that the Harper government could emulate such an integrated economy for us.

Instead, they seem bent on selling our resource wealth at the least possible compound value.

At what point can we say that Harper is working harder for the Chinese than for Canadians?

Robert Hart,

Terrace, BC

(Editor’s Note: Enbridge says any talk of PetroChina being contracted to build the Northern Gateway pipeline is speculation.

“To speculate at this time about who might be contracted to build a project that has yet to receive regulatory approval is premature in the extreme,” reads an Enbridge statement.

“Construction of Northern Gateway would be through an open bid process, and to be successful any bid would have to meet Enbridge’s stringent requirements and meet all federal and provincial employment standards.”

“Enbridge is firmly committed to hiring as many local people as possible to build and operate Northern Gateway and is not anticipating bringing in overseas workers to construct or operate the project,” the statement continues.)