Chinese state investment hampers Canada

What can we do when it oppresses its own citizens?

Dear Sir:

China is making huge investments in BC and Canada as a whole right now.

I don’t object to foreign investment in Canada in general when it is done by corporations, but foreign governments doing it gives me the heebeegeebies, especially when they are investing in what they clearly describe as strategic assets.

Another thing that I wonder about China is their vigorous support of the Syrian government in its on-going war against its own population. (Stay with me here, I’m connecting these thoughts.) They (along with Russia) are supporting Syria’s right to use military power against its own citizens because they want to maintain an international precedent for them to point to should they feel they need to do that themselves.

June 4th 1989, the Chinese army was used to kill more than a thousand pro-democracy protesters. It is not like it hasn’t happened before.

This raises questions:

1) If a resource asset in the ground in Canada is considered strategic by a foreign state, why is it not considered strategic by us?

2) If China becomes such a huge component of our economy, not just owning, but operating vast parts of our resource economy, having direct control over large parts of our economy; how is Canada going to react when China finds it necessary to militarily suppress its own citizens again? Or launches an aggressive war on its neighbors ostensibly over an island? (Could happen see the economist.)

What are we going to say? What are we going to do to express our good old fashioned Canadian moral outrage when they own us? Are we going to apply trade sanctions against ourselves? That?ll show ’em.

Dave Menzies

Terrace, BC