Can’t someone with some real talent paint a mural at the Terrace skatepark?

Mother is unimpressed with the phallic graffiti currently trending at the skatepark

A Terrace mother is sick of the graffiti at the Terrace skatepark and thinks someone should paint an artistic mural to deter vandals.

Dear Sir:

The graffiti at the skatepark is pretty appalling.

It sure would be cool if the people that do all the wicked awesome graffiti under the bridges did the same there.

Maybe then the young punks would stop with the phallic obsession currently trending there. I take my five-year-old son there any day the sun is shining and it is not exactly the kind of things five-year-olds should be exposed to – at least he’s unable to read the profanities.

I can’t even take a picture of him riding without an ejaculating penis in the background, or some indecent word, or even a nice pentagram.

I’ve heard the city regularly paints over it, but maybe if someone with some real talent made it look nice again they wouldn’t need to.

Kara Dawn Weeber,

Terrace, B.C.