Back-to-work legislation not wanted by all

An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Dear Sir:

I have been listening to the news coverage of the back-to-work legislation for Canada Post workers, and have some comments.

First of all, I find it offensive that you stated, “This is what Canadians wanted.” I am a Canadian, and this is not what I wanted. I wanted the postal workers and Canada Post to come to a negotiated agreement that would result in a fair contract for both sides.

Secondly, I am extremely puzzled as to how a group could be legislated back to work when they have been locked out for over a week. They could have reached an agreement during that time had the process been allowed to unfold, and would have been back to work, perhaps sooner than this.

Canada is still a democracy, and the right to strike does still exist. I am worried about the future of these two concepts.

Thank you,

Carol Harrison

Terrace, B.C.