Appreciate all people

Love is more than a feeling or an emotion. Family are more than the people who are related to you.

Dear Sir:

Love is more than a feeling or an emotion. Family are more than the people who are related to you.

They can also be the people who inspired you, who supported you during obstacles, who would go the distance to see you smile or laugh.

Friends are more than people that you spend time with and form relationships with as friends or more. They are the people who came into your life to teach you lessons that embrace the person you are deep down inside.

Teachers are more than just educators. They can sometimes be one of the biggest influences on your life and your future.

Super heroes invest their time in embracing their powers, and making a difference in the people’s lives around them. They work hard with their powers to make sure they are achieving the powers’ full potential.

However, they know that if they abuse their powers they could hurt people they love. Love is a super power. If you pass it on, and let it grow, it will only get stronger.

Although, if you sit around and don’t show the people in your life how much you really care then it will grow weaker. It’s important to recognize how beautiful life is when you have a family to come home to, a roof over your head, friends to turn to when you are stressed, and a job to help you get by.

Life can be stressful and heartbreaking sometimes, but there are some people in this world and in this community that have no home, struggle to get food, and who don’t have a job at all. Just think how you would feel if you were in their shoes for a day.

So I suggest that instead of feeling powerless over the negativity and crimes that surround our community sometimes, we should try to take each moment of our days to appreciate the heroes in our lives who invest their time in their superpowers and show them gratitude.

Kimberley Wilson, Terrace, B.C.