Irmgard Janda

Farewell dear mom, your life’s journey touched so many…

From your beginnings in Germany, to your new life in Canada with our father Emil, your positive impact will forever be felt. You were such a warm and nurturing person, creating a lovely home for your family and instilling a love of nature, art and beauty in the world around us. Hardworking and entrepreneurial we are so proud of all of your accomplishments mom and we appreciate all of the sacrifices you made for us. Besides your business, your creativity shone through in everything you did from your cooking and baking to your painting and pottery. Your guiding spirit will always be with us… we love you… your Daughters: Daniela (husband John (deceased); Susanne (partner Stephanie); Katrin (husband Richard); and Grandchildren: Fiona, Axel, Cole and Finn.

We will be holding a Celebration of Life for Irmgard on Sunday, September 10 in West Vancouver.

For more information please contact Katrin at