Wife unhappy with RCMP response

Robert Prisk suffered head injuries while in police custody

THE WIFE of a man who suffered head injuries while in police custody here April 21 says she was not informed about her husband’s condition.

Heather Prisk, whose 47-year-old husband of nine months Robert Wright is currently in hospital in New Westminster, said she called police to ask how long they would keep her husband after he was arrested but police didn’t get back to her.

She went by the detachment before church the next day, April 22, to ask in person and was told then.

“They sent someone to talk to me and told me he was in ICU. I never received a phone call. I wasn’t informed of his condition. I was never told. I don’t know why they took him there [Mills Memorial Hospital] three times,” she said.

“They had talked to me on the phone. They knew my phone number..so. It’s pretty shocking and so we don’t know what the outcome is going to be.”

Prisk said her husband suffered a “significant intracranial bleed. He is currently on life support. He’s in ICU in a critical care situation.”

On April 26 Prisk said she was told it was not yet known how long it could be until her husband woke up.

As of April 27, Prisk said her husband had yet to wake up.


“At this point, they have reduced or taken him off sedation so there’s just really no reason he hasn’t woken up yet,” she said that day.