Large crane and workers maneuver one of two modular units into position at Veritas Catholic School Oct. 24. When joined together and services are hooked up

Trades building installed in Terrace, B.C.

The portable will increase trades training at Veritas Catholic School

  • Wed Oct 29th, 2014 4:00pm
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A LARGE crane used to lower two modular building units onto waiting foundations at Veritas School Oct. 24 marked the beginning of the end of a project to establish a home for the Catholic school’s trades training program.

“With the addition of Grade 8 and, this year, Grade 9, the need to have a standalone module was absolutely necessary,” says school woodworking instructor Allan McIntyre of the project.

The two single wide modules will, when joined and in service, make for a 54 X 28 foot structure containing a 35 X 28 shop and a 15 X 28 classroom, he said.

McIntyre estimated the project cost at $250,000.

“And that’s at a turn key operation, including equipment in the shop and computers in the classroom,” he said.

The two units are now taking up the location of what was an outdoor basketball court just to the south of the school’s gym.

Although intended primarily for Veritas school students, McIntyre said Veritas is speaking with various groups about renting out the space when not needed by the school.