Terrace wants to limit fireworks

One city councillor wants fireworks set off only on Hallowe'en

The city is looking to limit the timeframe of when fireworks can be set off around Halloween.

The current fireworks bylaw allows for fireworks to be set off for the period leading up to Halloween from Nov. 24-31 but councillor Lynne Christiansen put forward a motion for staff to look into limiting the fireworks time gap to just one day.

Seconded by councillor Bruce Bidgood, the motion is designed to protect animals.

Christiansen said she knew of one person whose dog was run over after having been startled by the fireworks going off.

By limiting the days the fireworks go off, pet owners could better look after their animals, she said.

Christiansen does want the tradition to continue, because some community groups raise money by selling fireworks.

Councillor James Cordeiro said that signs should be posted in the fireworks depots should the bylaw ever go through.