TERRACE mayor Carol Leclerc has retired from her day job with the Coast Mountains School District.

Terrace mayor retires from day job

Carol Leclerc says city duties will keep her occupied

TERRACE mayor Carol Leclerc says she is looking forward to having more free time now that she has officially retired from the Coast Mountains School District where she worked for 25 years.

“More people will probably see me walking around town than they have in the past because I do enjoy walking and want to get back into dragon-boating that I haven’t been able to do in the last couple years because I was busy with my masters degree,” she said.

Leclerc worked in various support roles for the majority of her time with the school district and recently spent two years as its trades training coordinator, a mandate she says is now complete and no longer necessary.

“Part of my job was to make sure there was money for Thornhill Junior to become the trades training centre. And we did that and we’ve got other money for shop equipment for trades training for kids, so the school district is sitting in a lot better situation today than it was two years ago,” said Leclerc.

Despite the joy she will seek in recreation, Leclerc says the city will remain her priority.

“The City of Terrace is still a big priority in my mind and if I don’t have any city meetings, that is my time. City commitments are huge.”

She says any council meetings she has missed so far are mainly because of municipal duties.

“The meeting that you miss… that’s because of council duties, you can’t be in two places at the same time. Of course a person still needs holidays and that’s where we have our deputy mayors step in.”

Leclerc said she is excited to see the outcomes of the parks study which is in this year’s budget and says developing city land on the Bench for recreation might be a next step.

“In the back of Halliwell,” she said. “It’s city property right now, people use it, there are great trails through there that are not maintained by the city, if you didn’t know that was city property you might think it’s private property and not go onto it, but it is city property and it would be good to identify those things for people.”

As for seeking other jobs, she hasn’t ruled that out.

“If an opportunity came up I would certainly look at it but I am not out looking for a job right now and I don’t have plans to go looking for a job,” she said.