Terrace man’s second degree murder case adjourned to later date in Calgary

A Terrace man charged with second degree murder in Alberta had his first court date adjourned so his lawyer could be added to the court record.

Dennis Jan Sorge, 33, appeared in Calgary provincial court July 4 without a lawyer but told the judge he had a lawyer in B.C.

His case was adjourned to July 19.

On July 4, Calgary police reported that Sorge had been charged with the 2016 second degree murder of a Calgary man.

Calvin Timothy Brooker’s body was discovered Sept. 1, 2016 in an alley near his home and investigators believe Brooker, 57, was killed at his home and then moved.

“It is believed Brooker and the suspect were known to one another and that an altercation inside the home led to his death,” indicated Calgary police in a release July 4.

At a press conference, a Calgary police spokesperson said the two men knew each other for about a month and that Sorge had been a guest for about three weeks in Brooker’s home.

Police did speak to Sorge after the death and before he relocated to Terrace where he had familial connections, said the spokesperson.

Detectives suspected Sorge’s involvement in Brooker’s death for some time, relying on help from Terrace RCMP to keep tabs on him, said the spokesperson.

Calgary police thanked the Terrace RCMP detachment and the region’s major crime section for their assistance in the investigation and subsequent arrest, describing the RCMP cooperation as “fantastic”.

Information from a police press conference indicated Sorge was arrested in Terrace June 27 and returned to Calgary.