Terrace man avoids jail sentence

Provincial court judge commends man for turning his life around

CHANGING HIS life after being part of a home invasion has led to a court sentence that avoids jail for a local man.

So what we have is someone involved in a serious crime who, from that time forward, made a significant turnaround,” said provincial court judge Calvin Struyk about Taien Creed April 10.

Ultimately it seems to me that society benefits more from Mr. Creed’s rehabilitation than from his incarceration.”

Creed, 19, pleaded guilty to one charge each of being unlawfully in dwelling house and possessing weapon for dangerous purpose.

I’m really going to learn from this,” Creed told the court.

On March 16, 2011, three people were at their downtown residence watching a movie when five men, three of whom were carrying weapons, broke in and demanded drugs, court heard before sentencing.

They yelled for everyone to get down on the floor but ended up leaving without anything, court heard.

No one was hurt and the weapons, a machete, baseball bat and two-by-four, weren’t used, court heard.

One of the accused said that Creed was involved when giving a statement to police but there wasn’t enough evidence for police to arrest Creed, who had no prior criminal record, court heard.

Creed, who was in school at the time, talked to someone he knew about how his life wasn’t in a good place and received help in the form of a place to stay – he was basically homeless at that point – and advice to turn himself in to police and admit what he had done, court heard.

He did and gave a statement to police admitting his involvement, and ithat he was the person with the machete, court heard.

Struyk noted that letters of support for Creed from his school and employment went a long way in his favour.

Clearly his connection with the staff at the school…all had very positive impacts on him,” said Struyk.

I can tell you Mr. Creed, these types of offences regularly attract a penal, that is jail, sentence. I’m sure that is not lost of you,” said Struyk.

Creed will spend three months on a conditional sentence order with 12 months of probation to follow.

Conditions of his sentence include not to go to the residence of the three victims or have any contact with them.

He is prohibited from owning or possessing any firearms.

Creed must stay inside his residence 24 hours a day seven days each week but may get permission in advance from his supervisor to be away from his residence for medical emergency, to go directly to work or school and directly home, and to shop for two hours once a week.

Part of his probation conditions include completing 40 hours of community work service, being prohibited from possessing firearms for five years and providing a DNA sample to police.

Struyk advised Creed to keep his life on the right track.

I commend you for that. I encourage you to keep it up,” said Struyk.

One charge of forcible entry was stayed by the court.