Terrace hockey hosts receive ice rental reduction

Tier 3 provincial midget tournament taking place here end of March

TERRACE Minor Hockey has been successful in getting a break on ice time rental fees during the Tier 3 Midget provincial hockey tournament it’s hosting the end of March.

City council last night voted in favour of reducing the fees by 30 per cent on the advice of the city’s director of leisure services, Carmen Didier.

Seeing as the provincials take place over five days with multiple bookings of ice time, Didier told council that a 30 per cent reduction would help the minor hockey hosts meet their budget and the city would not be subsidizing the tournament because even with a 30 per cent reduction, wages would still be covered.

Similar events in previous years were also given this break.

Based on 61.5 hours of requested ice time in the main arena and other room rentals, the City of Terrace would normally receive $5,552.70 plus tax in rental revenue for this event, said Didier.

A 30 per cent reduction would reduce the event’s rental fees to $3,886.89 plus tax.

At city council’s meeting Jan. 9, the midget hockey provincials committee asked the City of Terrace to waive the rental fees, or a portion thereof, to meet its event budget.