This is the front of the Agar property which has stirred up dozens of complaints since 1989. The back has a dilapidated garage and scattered debris, rusty appliances and old vehicles.

Terrace, B.C. property owner ordered to clean up back yard

The order to clean up Agar Ave. property follows years of complaints, letters from city and fines.

AFTER issuing 11 warning letters and two $100 fines, the City of Terrace is now enforcing a bylaw to remove a dilapidated garage and piles of junk from a property on Agar Ave.

The city has dealt with dozens of complaints about the unsightly property, located at 5107 Agar Ave., which has old fridges and barbecues, stacks of styrofoam and insulation, metal drums and old tires scattered across the back yard.

The complaints date back to 1989, reported the city’s director of development services, David Block, to city council at its meeting last night, June 26.

“Definitely non-compliance issues… the one building in particular is dilapidated and some portions have had to be removed because it is falling down, and other portions are being held up with props and ropes and things like that,” Block said.

“If it does collapse it will fall into the neighbouring yard,” he added, noting that there’s no record of a building permit ever being issued for that garage.

The owners, Nicholas Federenko who lives on the property now, and Nikifor Federenko who passed away a year ago, had been contacted multiple times.

Over the years, the city has issued 11 separate letters telling them to clean up their property, and the owners have taken only small steps, but no recent apparent action, Block reported to council. The most recent letter was sent last November.

“There’s been definitely a lot of effort by staff over the years and in the recent pass to deal with the owners to try to work with them, support them and encourage them to make some efforts,” Block said.

“Fines have been issued and indications that if there was no action, it would reach this point.”

Last night, city council voted to issue a remedial action order, warning the owners that if no action is taken in 30 days, the city will move to clean up the property and charge the owners for the work via taxes.

The city has a specific list of what that clean up will involve, including tearing down the rickety garage and cleaning up old appliances, stacks of styrofoam and insulation, and scattered tires and debris.

Block said the owners will have 14 days to oppose the order, and ask council to reconsider or grant more time.

To view the city report, which includes photos on page 14 in Appendix C, click here.