Terrace B.C. coffee drinkers put on notice

RCMP will be monitoring traffic at the Tim Hortons Keith Ave. location where drive-through traffic routinely spills out into the street

RCMP CORPORAL Philip Crack examines line of vehicles at Tim Hortons drive-through at Keith Ave./Hwy 16 and Kalum. Motorists could be fined if they block the driveway and sidewalk.

Motorists who enjoy their Tim Hortons coffee in the morning needs to be aware they could be breaking a traffic law while waiting in line at the restaurant chain’s Keith Ave./Hwy16 location.

The warning issued by Terrace RCMP follows a complaint made about traffic spilling across the sidewalk and on to Kalum Street at the entrance to the drive-through.

“Police will be monitoring this situation and issuing fines for those drivers insisting on blocking the flow of traffic and pedestrians,” said Corporal Philip Crack of the RCMP’s highway patrol.

“Drivers should consider using alternate routes so as not to contribute to this problem,” he said.

No complaints have yet to be received about traffic problems at the Tim Hortons Lakelse Ave. location but a similar situation exists there, he said.

“Drivers making poor choices are creating a traffic hazard at both Tim Hortons locations in Terrace, especially between the hours of 7:30 and 9 a.m.,” said Crack.

If drivers can’t turn into the parking lot at the Tim Hortons on Keith and be off the street and the sidewalk, then they should go around the block or come back when they can turn without blocking traffic, added Crack.

The fine may only be $40 for blocking a business entrance or exit or blocking traffic but repeat offenders can get a ticket of $196 and six points against their driver’s licences.

Drivers of large trucks also contribute to traffic congestion on Keith/Hwy16 and Kalum by parking on the side of the road and running into the restaurant, said Crack.

Tourists and others towing boats behind their vehicles who then park on the road also add to the problem, he added.

Crack anticipates that after making motorists aware of their possible illegal behaviour, that officers will then start enforcing the law.