Teachers stand on the corner of Hwy16 and Kenny St. demonstrating as a part of their three-day strike. Left to right is Anya Carrel

Teachers demonstrate for the third day

Teachers rally around the Coast Mountains school district's offices on the corner of Hwy 16 and Kenney St. with signs of protest.

Teachers are taking another stand today, as they rally around the Coast Mountains school district’s offices on the corner of Hwy 16 and Kenney St. with signs of protest.

Terrace and District Teachers’ Union president Karen Andrews said the location is very visible on what is scheduled to be the last day of a three-day strike in protest of legislation teachers say will lead to an imposed contract.

Teachers demonstrated in front of schools Monday and, on Tuesday, were joined by members of other unions on the Sande Overpass.

The legislation, Bill 22, would ban any further job action until summer, pending the results of mediation.

[We are protesting] again to take a stand against the government’s proposed legislation,” Andrews said, adding that other local unions were invited to join this afternoon’s demonstration as well.

Schools have been open this week but school district officials have been telling parents not to send their children.

Students aren’t the only people affected by the strike this week.

Local sports and community groups have been unable to use schools gyms after hours.

It’s a standard practice,” said Coast Mountains board chair Art Erasmus of the after hour school closures. “Usually you cancel all outside access for building security reasons.”

He said money lost from this, if any is at all, would be too small to have any real effect on the school district’s budget.