Slim majority of Terrace chamber of commerce members support Enbridge Northern Gateway project

And nearly 68 per cent feel project creates a risk to marine environment

A SMALL majority of Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce members – 51.3 per cent – who filled out an online survey about Enbridge’s planned Northern Gateway pipeline support the project.

And more than 60 per cent feel the pipeline will benefit their business.

Conducted from March 5 to March 19, the survey asked 11 questions surrounding the Northern Gateway project.

Results were released today.

Of the nearly 290 members of the chamber, approximately one in seven – or 41 members – filled out the survey, a chamber press release indicated today.

Here are those 11 statements and the response percentage.

1. The 180 day Joint Review Panel provided an adequate review process – 59.4 per cent in agreement.

2. Pipelines are a safer means to transport oil/condensate product than rail – 83.8 per cent in agreement.

3. The process to date has been adequate in keeping First Nations informed – 59.4 per cent in agreement.

4. People in the Northwest will benefit from Northern Gateway Pipeline skills training programs – 72.9 per cent in agreement.

5. A pipeline designed with today’s engineering expertise and technology will adequately minimize the risks of pipeline leaks – 67.5 per cent in agreement.

6. Northern Gateway Pipeline creates a risk to marine environment – 67.5 per cent in agreement.

7. My concerns around the Northern Gateway Pipeline have been answered – 59.4 per cent in agreement.

8. Northern Gateway Pipeline is important to the economic strength of Canada – 67.6 per cent in agreement.

9. Northern Gateway Pipeline will positively affect my business – more than 60 per cent in agreement.

10. Northern Gateway Pipeline will bring economic stimulus and infrastructure dollars to the northwest – 73 per cent.

11. I support the Northern Gateway Pipeline project – 51.3 per cent.