THIS pulverizer owned by White Bear Industries was used to crush asphalt on city streets so it could be used as a road base for a new layer of asphalt.

Road work continues in Terrace

Streets look much better after new asphalt is laid down

  • Sat Jun 9th, 2012 5:00am
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CITY REPAVING projects are well underway now that  a pulverizing machine has ground up asphalt into a base for five streets slated for this summer, one of which is paved now.

A pulverizer hired from local firm White Bear Industries has removed the asphalt in preparation for a new surface to be laid down by Terrace Paving.

“We’re just a grinding and pounding away,” said the city’s roads foreman Henry Craveiro while the pulverizer was at work. “After grinding we’ve graded the roads up so they’re traversable.”

Craveiro said that by using a local pulverizer, the city saved money by not having to pay to bring one  in from elsewhere.

“It saves me a lot of money in mobilization,” he said in noting the pulverizer is costing the city $1,000 an hour.

In May, the pulverizer ground up two blocks of Agar Ave. from Molitor St. to Braun St., part of McConnell Ave. on the bench, Straume Ave. from Kalum St. to Sparks St. Work and Greig Ave. near Clinton St.

While the pulverizer grinds up asphalt and deposits it on the road as crush used for the base, tother work is involved to prepare roads for pavement, Craveiro explained.

The crush is graded so that the road is properly sloped and drainage issues are dealt with.

That’s the work that has prepared the roads for pavement that  had started to be laid last week.

Paving work this summer will be done by Terrace Paving.

Other roads slated for repair include Lakelse Ave.  from Eby St. to Emerson St., Kalum St. from Lakelse Ave. to Park St. and also a small bit of Sparks St. in that area, and Sparks St. from Lakelse Ave. to Lazelle Ave., although they don’t require pulverizing.

Some roads will be done instead with something called a milling machine, which is coming from southern B.C.

“We’re basically at the mercy of these companies down south when they have a chance to come up and do it,” said Craveiro.

The city will be trying to piggyback on a machine being brought up by RioTinto Alcan so that it can minimize the machine relocation costs.

The milling machine strips asphalt from the top of the road to allow asphalt to be laid overtop, explained Craveiro.

Once pavement is stripped from the top, it’s taken away so city can use it as gravel for other purposes.

Other work to be done this summer includes a full road rebuild on the 4500 Block of Scott, slated for July.

In addition, the city will be keeping up with its regular patching duties.