Power is out in Meziadin and Stewart again

This time a Northwest Transmission Line tower fell over

A Northwest Transmission Line tower has fallen over, taking down the conductors on the existing BC Hydro line servicing Meziadin and Stewart.

And that’s resulted in a loss of power to the Meziadin and Stewart areas.

“We are working to restore power now. It will be a lengthy and extensive repair process,” said BC Hydro official Simi Heer this afternoon.

“We are working on making a temporary road to the site of the problem and have called in extra resources from the Lower Mainland to help.”

The location is about 140km north of Terrace.

Heer said BC Hydro will find a cause for the tower collapse but that its first priority is restoring power to its customers.

“As a precaution, our primary contractor for [the Northwest Transmission Line], will examine the other towers in the area over the next several days,” she said.

This isn’t the first time one of the more than 1,130 towers along the 344 kilometre Northest Transmission Line has fallen over.

One tower fell over in February with BC Hydro saying it hadn’t been secured.

And this isn’t the first time Meziadin and Stewart has been out BC Hydro power this year.

A tower on the line that services the Nass Valley as well as Meziadin and Stewart fell over in mid-February and power was restored Feb. 15 after crews erected one made out of wood.

That tower was located quite close to Lava Lake, just south of the Nass Valley.