A pot leaf now adorns the outcropping above the old Skeena Bridge. Those with keen eyes will also notice a tiny blue sign in the bottom right hand corner. It's a 'United Against Enbridge' sign

Pot leaf replaces Kermode in Terrace, B.C.

Visible on an outcropping above the old Skeena Bridge

A group of local artists plans to paint over the marijuana leaf painting which appeared on the rock face over the old bridge last week.

That’s the word from local artist Matthew Daratha, who confirmed today he and a group of artists he is associated with will be replacing the new painting with one of a bear.

The marijuana leaf mural appeared on the rock face last week, covering up a painting of a Kermode bear which appeared last fall.

That bear was a replacement for the long-standing Kermode bear painting which was painted over with grey paint suddenly last year.

It’s still unconfirmed who painted over the first Kermode bear, who painted the replacement Kermode bear, and who painted the marijuana leaf.

Online discussion over the new pot-themed painting has been significant, with some commenters lamenting the change and others speculating that it could be a sign from a group who wishes to promote alternative energy sources. That’s in part because of the blue “United Against Enbridge” sign which has also been placed on the rock face, and because the new painting appeared following the federal government’s conditional approval of the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipeline.

Some have speculated that local millionaire marijuana activist Bob Erb could be behind the new painting, but a post on Deviant Fibres’ Facebook page, the store which Erb is part owner of, says it wasn’t involved in the stunt.

“In case you’re wondering, no we didn’t paint a pot leaf over the Kermode bear,” read the post.