Amelia Maser takes a stroll down Terrace’s Grand Trunk Pathway

Popular Terrace trail to be extended

The work is being done thanks to a provincial grant

The city of Terrace is set to get $375,000 for more pathways and bike lanes to be built in the city.

It’s coming from a grant from the B.C. Ministry of Community, Sport and Culture, and will be used enhance physical activity in Terrace’s outdoors.

The Grand Trunk Pathway which currently runs along Greig Ave. from Emerson to Braun St. will be extended to Frank St., an addition of about 800m.

“The Grand Trunk Pathway is a combined cycling lane and walkway three metres in width,” said the city’s director of development services Marvin Kwiatkowski, adding bike lanes will also be built adjacent to curbs on Park Ave. west of Kenney St.  and Graham Ave. from Eby St. to Kalum St.

“The grant has three projects bundled together,” said Kwiatkowski.

Construction is slated to begin in June/July of this year, and grant money will become available once the projects have been started and claim forms have been submitted.

Before starting to build, the city needs to finalize its design and fit the build schedule in with other projects.

Money will come back at 50 per cent of eligible expenses, said Kwiatkowski.

“Grant monies will be received in 2012, 2013 and 2014 as the projects are completed,” he said.

The money is coming from the province’s $30 million Community Recreation Program, which was created to promote healthy, active living in B.C. by paying up to 80 per cent of a municipality’s infrastructure project dedicated to the same.

The city applied for the grant late 2011, and under grant guidelines project(s) must be built by March 31, 2015.

Items that fall under the grant include bike paths, walkways, community gardens, community recreation spaces, greenways, amenities like bike lockups or water fountains, and projects that get youth and children playing outdoors.  Grants must be used on projects that have been pre-approved, meaning new proposals don’t apply to the $375,000.