The Terrace Aquatic Centre Renewal Project is well underway. Here’s a recent picture, showing concrete chunks stored in the hot tub basin after contractors removed it from the main pool gutter. Contributed photo

Pool renovations continue

Upgrades at the Terrace Aquatic Centre well underway

The renewal of the Terrace Aquatic Centre is well underway, with contractors blazing through the upgrades to be finished in early-2018..

The pool closed in early-February and Viking Construction started work in March, tearing up concrete in front of the pool to make way for the building addition along the front, which will be a windowed fitness centre about 2,000 square feet.

Crews are also building a family changeroom, re-doing the hot tub, and overhauling to the leisure pool.

When it’s all done there will be a lazy river, more water features, and wheelchair access.

The total expected cost for the project is $8.8 million, which includes construction, contingency fees, professional fees, improvements to the parking area and new energy-efficient lighting.

For more details on cost click here, and for more on the renovation details, see this story.


Here workers are saw cutting a portion of the main pool gutter, so that the gutter can be upgraded to flush gutters, allowing the water to ripple against the very top edge of the pool. Contributed photo