Pitbull shot after it attacks officer

HERE'S THE incidents that kept police busy during the last 24 hours:

  • Thu Apr 12th, 2012 7:00am
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HERE’S THE incidents that kept police busy during the last 24 hours:

Downtown Terrace

– intoxicated man in Safeway parking lot. Checks were done of area.

– a woman was shot with a BB gun while standing in the parking lot behind the Shen Yen restaurant. No

injuries. Police spoke with a group of uncooperative hostile people in an apartment in the area where the shot may have come from.

– intoxicated woman on Lakelse Ave. Checks were done of area.

– uttering threats and assault investigation. Bike tires were slashed. Under investigation.

Elsewhere Terrace

– an aggressive pitbull looking dog snarling and circling a man on Temple St. Police attended and located the animal inside of the residence.

– theft from vehicle. A yellow S10 Chev truck parked on Haugland Ave had its passenger side door pried

open. An Acer laptop and wallet containing various cards and ID was stolen.

– uttering threats. Advice was given.

– theft from an unlocked Ford Ranger parked on Hwy 16 at the Reel Inn Motel. A flashlight, cigarettes, and a plug in charger were stolen.

– a 42-year-old man was attacked by two pitbulls while walking home on Straume Ave. He sustained numerous scratches and puncture wounds to his torso. Members attended to the location and discovered the dogs loose in the front yard. Provincial conservation officers attended to the location and attempted to capture the dogs. One of the dogs attacked the officers and had to be shot by police. The dog was then taken by Animal Control to the Terrace Pound. The other dog also had an injury to it and had to be seized as well. Terrace Animal Control is dealing with the owner and people involved.

– man passes out on Little Ave. Police arrested a 35-year-old man for public intoxication.

– an intoxicated man went to his mother’s residence and demanded his tomahawk from her. When she

refused, he told her he was going to cut her head off with it. Police arrested the man for uttering threats.

– a 10-year-old youth being shot at with a BB gun on Pear St. Police determined that a BB gun was hot, but not at anybody. A BB gun was turned over to police and destroyed.

– complaint of the smell marijuana coming from a home on Loen Ave. Police spoke with the residents of the

home and advised Ministry of Children and Families of the incident.

– a 13-year-old boy left his motel room without permission. He returned on his own later on in the evening.

– verbal domestic dispute.

– yellow Ford Focus crashed into a residential fence on Loen Ave. A 37-year-old man was arrested for impaired driving. He provided samples of breath more than double the legal limit. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel. A 31-year-old woman who was the passenger was arrested for public intoxication.

– man refusing to leave a residence on Hanson St. He left on his own accord prior to police attendance.

Police located 3 children inside of the residence. Due to the state of the residence, police felt the children

needed to be relocated. The woman took them to another location. Ministry of Children and Families were

advised of the situation.

– 21-year-old suicidal woman.

– an 18-year-old intoxicated man jumped off the new bridge on Keith Ave. into the Skeena River on a dare. The man was transported by BC Ambulance to Mills Memorial Hospital for assessment. He was uninjured.

– a red 1998 Ford Escort was checked on Loen Ave. A 52-year-old man was issued a driving prohibition for

driving while impaired by drug and violation tickets were issued.

– unwanted man outside of Denny’s. Checks were done of area.

– false 911 call on Greig Ave. / Sparks St.

– uttering threats and attempted assault investigation


– suspicious occurrence on Muller Ave.

– erratic driver in a large black truck. Checks were done of area.

– illegal u-turn in a yellow Pontiac Sunfire in front of Thornhill Elementary School. The registered owner was

contacted by police.

– missing 11-year-old girl. She returned on her own shortly after.

– two intoxicated men, one on a bike, at the Mac’s Store on Hwy 16. Checks were done of area.

– intoxicated 42-year-old man refusing to leave a residence. He left on his own accord prior to police arrival.

– erratic driver on a dark colored ATV.

– advice was given on a harassment issue


– found skis. In a blue Capello Club bag.


– false residential alarm on Kulspai Cr.

– black Hyundai Elantra speeding.


– intoxicated noisy party on Gitaus Rd. Police warned the partiers.

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously

through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at