Person slapped with fish

Here's some of the incidents that kept Terrace RCMP busy from March 16 to March 22:

  • Fri Mar 23rd, 2012 10:00am
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Here’s some of the incidents that kept police busy from March 16 to March 22:

Downtown Terrace:

– Subpoena served for Kamloops Crown Council

– four males were reported to be harassing joggers by the Bank of Nova Scotia

– A vehicle hit the side of a building, minor damage occurred to both the vehicle and the building

– An intoxicated youth was arrested and subsequently released once sober, no guardian could be reached

-Police were advised by the staff at Chances Casino that a female had been removed from the premises as she was very intoxicated, staff witnessed her get into a vehicle and drive off. The female was later found by police and an impaired investigation ensued. The woman was taken into police custody and faces several charges. File still under investigation

Elsewhere in Terrace:

– A report of teenagers wandering around late at night, which drew concern from a resident

– An unidentifiable explosive device was turned over to police. It was later determined that it was some


– A man was arrested to prevent the commission of an offence as he was highly intoxicated and known to

become violent

-A teenager refused to come home for curfew as they were breaching court conditions, still under investigation

-Police were called to assist Terrace Fire department with a structure fire. Fire was successfully extinguished

with limited damage

-Graffiti was occurring at a business at a business, it was later determined that the building was being washed, not damaged

-Police were made aware that some children were playing alone in a vehicle with the keys in the ignition

– A report of tires being slashed at a residence

– An undesirable crowd was dispersed after they were preventing customers from entering a business

-A report of a work place altercation between staff and a client, police were involved because of safety concerns

-Police were alerted of an argument between a couple over Facebook comments, the matter was investigated, the couple was encouraged to seek counselling

– A report of a woman screaming in the streets, the woman was located and subsequently arrested for public intoxication

– Chances Casino called police to advise that a male had been refused service due to a high level of intoxication, the male drove away, police later found the male at another drinking establishment


– A man took a vehicle without consent and returned shortly there after. The same man began to cause a

disturbance in the residence where the vehicle came from

-Police were called as someone reported seeing a man with a firearm. Police located the man, arrested him and located a knife on his person. No gun was located the man was held for court on other matters.

-A Blue Early 1990’s Peterbuilt Semi Truck was stolen for the card lock in Thornhill. This incident is still under investigation

-Integrated road safety members conducted a traffic stop with a person driving contrary to restrictions, by

having consumed alcohol. Violation tickets were issued as well as a driving prohibition.

-A group of youth gathered in Thornhill to participate in a fight, file under investigation

-A report of individuals lighting paper on fire in a bus shelter

– Reports of Facebook threats resulting from any altercation earlier in the week

– A person was highly intoxicated on a public bus, police were called and the male was arrested for public


– Police located a car that had been tearing around the sports field at Thornhill elementary, violation tickets were issued to the registered owner

-Police broke up a bush party, before it could start


-A vehicle was registered using fraudulent means. Still under investigation

– Two separate vehicles were caught speeding down Hwy 37 South and impounded as they were traveling well over the posted speed limit. Both were impounded for 7 days

-A vehicle was towed as a result of the driver being 14 with no licence and the registered owner were unable to be reached

-Police attended and investigate possible cocaine possession

-Police responded to a hit and run

Kitsukalum, Gitaus, Kitselas:

-Report of a lost licence plate decal

-Report of a family dispute over someone being slapped with a fish

– A vehicle was taken from its owner without consent, but it was returned shortly there after

– Police were called about the theft of a dog, the dog was returned before police attended