Northwestern B.C.’s only urologist set to retire

Dr. Francis Osei-Tutu has been in practice in Terrace for 37 years

A longtime medical specialist who’s the only one in his field in the region is retiring.

Dr. Francis Osei-Tutu is planning to retire after 37 years as the urologist for the northwest.

“I’ve been here since 1977 and provided urology services for the northwest. I’m based in Terrace but cover the whole of the northwest to the best of my ability,” he said, adding it’s time for a change of lifestyle.

“I’ve made some good friends here,” he added, saying that’s why his planned retirement isn’t a celebration as such.

Osei-Tutu and his wife are thinking of moving back east – he did his medical training in Toronto – where they also have family and friends.

The building he works out of, the converted green and white house on Park Ave. at the west end of George Little Park, has a for sale sign in front of it and the asking price is $739,000.

Osei-Tutu has owned the building since 1984 and stresses that the sale of the building doesn’t mean he’s retiring or leaving town right away.

“I am retiring but it’s not like next week,” he said, adding he has a responsibility to his patients and if a replacement is immediately found when he does want to retire, he will do his best to help out until one is available.

“The sale of the office shouldn’t immediately affect service,” said Osei-Tutu.

Osei-Tutu, as is the case with the vast majority of physicians and specialists in B.C., is in private practice.

But the Northern Health Authority, which is the overall agency responsible for health care in northern B.C., will be looking for a replacement.

Jonathan Dyck from the Northern Health Authority said it will search throughout North America.

Osei-Tutu said he plans to stay until at least the end of September.