TAHLTAN ELDERS Nancy McGhee and August Brown with Tahltan Central Government president Chad Norman Day

Northwestern B.C miners try to ban protesters again

Doubleview Capital has failed once already in seeking court injunction

A MINING exploration company is making another attempt to bar Tahltan protesters from an area of traditional Tahltan territory on which it wants to drill.

The dispute between the Vancouver-based Doubleview Capital Corp. and the Tahltan Central Government began last summer when Tahltan Central Government president Chad Day and other Tahltan members entered a Doubleview camp, saying it shouldn’t be working in that area because of its cultural importance http://www.terracestandard.com/news/370141931.html.

Last month, a B.C. Supreme Court justice turned down a company application for an injunction to keep Day and others away from the Sheslay/Hat area east of Telegraph Creek.

But a Doubleview statement now indicates the company is “filing a renewed Notice of Application.”

The original reason for its injunction application being denied was that “there was not sufficient evidence that Day and the others physically prevented the company from working” according to the court documents http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/jdb-txt/sc/16/02/2016BCSC0231.htm .

Now Doubleview is making a case that they had in fact done the required archaeological studies to allow them to drill in the Tahltan territory, despite the court having ruled the first time that this did not appear to be the case.

“The Court granted Doubleview leave to re-apply for a narrower based injunction that is reflective of the inducement of breach of contract and conspiracy claims but dismissed the broader injunction application against the Defendants,” says the Doubleview release.

The area in question was once a village where Tahltan lived, and where there are burial sites and artifacts still to be found.