Here is Tony Moore pointing out where the proposed new bike trail will go on Terrace Mountain. The Terrace Off Road Cycling Association has secured provincial money to create some short- term jobs while building the new Steinhoe trail on Terrace Mountain.

New bike trail creates jobs on the mountain

Changes are on the horizon for Terrace Mountain as provincial grant money has come through to build another bike trail.

Changes are on the horizon for Terrace Mountain as provincial grant money has come through to build another bike trail.

The Terrace Off Road Cycling Association (TORCA)  will be receiving $117,000 from a provincial job creation program.

The program is intended to create jobs for people on employment insurance or coming off maternity or parental leave.

The trail will be called the Steinhoe Ridge Trail and will be a 7 km multi-use trail, usable for a large range of cyclists. It will be less technical than the existing Terrace Mountain biking trail.

And, this is something Tara Irwin, vice president of TORCA, said a lot of cyclists in Terrace have been asking for.

“Its pretty exciting because it really will compliment Terrace Mountain trail,” Irwin said, explaining that while the trail will be about the same length it will be easier to navigate.

“Terrace Mountain (trail) is fairly technical, it is not a beginner’s trail by any means.”

Irwin said creating a bike trail is hard work, although very rewarding for those who like the outdoors.

Tony Moore is a member of TORCA. He is currently a part of the building crew for a trail called T2 on Terrace Mountain which will connect with the Steinhoe trail.

“It (the Steinhoe trail) is going to provides us with more options and the opportunity to take longer rides.”

He said that bike trails are mapped first using a GPS navigation system, and then built to flow with the mountain as best as possible.

Moore explained while building a trail they try to minimize the amount of clearing and use material that is already naturally there such as trees and rocks.

Generally bridges are built over creeks with lumber that is either carried up into the woods or dropped in by helicopter.

Around six to nine jobs will be created though the project, which will include a trail building supervisor to oversee the project, which will run for 19 weeks throughout the remainder of the summer and into the fall.

Irwin explained that through the project workers will have the opportunity to pick up a variety of skill sets.

They will take courses like first aid and bear aware and receive training for things such as chainsaw use and GPS navigation, along with light carpentry.

“The idea is to get unemployed workers back to work,” Irwin said, adding this program has paid for quite a few city projects in Terrace and is how Smithers built a lot of its bike trails.

About half of the money will be going to paying the wages of the trail builders, the other half will be used to pay a supervisor and provide for equipment and training.

Irwin said TORCA will also be putting some of its money towards the project.