ICBC could very well help pay for the work needed to convert Lakelse Ave. from four lanes to two lanes plus a turning lane.

ICBC reviewing plan to convert Terrace, B.C. main street to two lanes and a turning lane

Provincial crown corporation could help with conversion cost

A REVIEW by ICBC of the City of Terrace’s plans to convert the current four-lane configuration of Lakelse Ave. to one of two lanes with a turning lane in the middle lane could result in the provincial crown corporation helping to recoup some of the costs.

“ICBC conducts safety studies on intersections, corridors and other areas of concern most commonly to help municipalities or the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure evaluate safety concerns and identify improvement options for consideration. The studies also indicate the amount of funding that ICBC could provide,” explained ICBC official Lindsay Olsen.

“ICBC also completes independent road safety audits of proposed road improvement projects at the design or implementation stage to ensure safety issues are fully considered,” she said.

The amount of money ICBC could provide for any specific project depends on its assessment of the project’s ability to make roads safer, Olsen added.

To date the city is estimating the Lakelse project will cost approximately $80,000, a figure that’s subject to change as plans are refined.

What’s needed is not just repainting of traffic lines but installation of signs, curb and gutter modifications for sidewalks, design and survey work and traffic control when the work does start as well as advertising, said city communications officer Brian Doddridge.

The city’s initial Lakelse cost figure came from the $65,000 spent converting Kalum Ave. to two lanes and and a turning lane, he said.

“Lakelse Avenue is approximately 1100 metres long versus 900 metres for Kalum,” said Doddridge in outlining how the city has arrived at its initial Lakelse project cost.

The Lakelse traffic pattern change plan is contained in a comprehensive transportation master plan just released by the city.

City officials say it’s the first project in the plan to be done because it is one of the quicker and less expensive ones to undertake.