Home Hardware returning to Terrace

Rona Home Building Centre will be getting a major overhaul and new name as franchise takes over.

  • Sun Mar 2nd, 2014 1:00pm
  • News

Rona Building Centre is converting to a Home Hardware franchise.

The ownership is the same, comprised of local partners Ernie Froese, Shawn McCullough and Dave Merritt.

They decided to leave the Rona franchise because they liked what they saw with Home Hardware.

“We’ve been Rona for ten years. We are looking at the [Home Hardware] group because they have some different things to offer. Strong group. Strong flyer program,” said McCullough.

“Home Hardware has some great commercials out there with some very specific products that we will be able to offer,” he added. “It was good to be a Rona dealer but this was the right direction for us.”

“The change will be inside and outside,” said McCullough. “We’re changing all aisles, changing all the merchandising around and the look of all the signage, all our trucks will be changing. Still giving the same valued service as always, same employees, locally owned and operated.”

Froese said the change in look will happen over a period of a few months with Progressive Ventures doing much of the contracting.

“It will take us some time to merchandize the store and change the signs,” said Froese.

According to Froese the move will enhance the store’s product line.

“We won’t lose much but we will gain some new products in the store,” said McCullough.

This will be the second time Home Hardware has had a store in the city.

A previous ownership group had its outlet located in the commercial building where the Creative Zone is now located.