VOLUNTEERS spent May 12 cleaning up debris at Gruchy's Beach. The effort was organized by BC Parks operator Northwest Escapes and BC Parks.

Gruchy’s Beach gets a clean up

Volunteers collect wooden debris and litter from the area

  • Thu May 17th, 2012 5:00pm
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A GROUP of volunteers turned out May 12 to clean Gruchy’s Beach of a build up of debris and litter.

Organized through Northwest Escapes, the operator for BC Parks in the area, the day-long effort went well, says Margaret Kujat, who coordinates Lakelse Lake watershed enhancement programs through partnerships with non profit and government agencies.

A walk-in beach that is part of Lakelse Lake Provincial park, Gruchy’s is popular for those who want a beach that’s a bit more remote.

“[It was] Very nice to be able to work with agencies such as [BC] Parks and their contractors for the benefit of the watershed and lake,” said Kujat of the clean up.

About 90 per cent of what was collected was woody debris and reeds which was either burned or hauled away to nearby locations for decomposition in the park.

Prevailing winds make the beach an unintended home for items that wash ashore, said Kujat.

Some of the litter included pieces of metal and a heavily-damaged fibreglass boat.

Those taking part came from around the area.

A barbecue lunch put on by Northwest Escapes kept the volunteers fed.

Kujat said cooperation between those who took part was excellent and she looked forward to another beach clean up next year.