Terrace fire department crews responded to a small fire on the CN tracks June 2.

Fire extinguished on CN tracks at Terrace, B.C.

Terrace Fire Department crew responded to the call for assistance

CN says that a fire started on the CN tracks Monday evening occurred during a welding job when wood chips were accidentally lit up.

The Terrace fire department was called to put out the fire and RCMP were dispatched to assist, according to a police report.

“CN crews were conducting routine track maintenance in Terrace when a small fire began along the rail right of way,” said Warren Chandler,  a public affairs representative for the company.

“When CN conducts this type of work we let the fire department know and we often use their assistance in putting out any fire that may occur, as their crews may use it for training purposes.

“CN makes every effort to minimize any impacts from our welding operations, however when an incident does occur we have a very strong relationship with the Terrace Fire Department,” Chandler said.

He added that CN has its own emergency response team available for more serious incidents.

“CN has a comprehensive emergency response plan that we share with emergency responders in all communities we operate in. We work closely with emergency responders to ensure both parties are prepared for any type of incident,” said Chandler.