Experts study helicopter wreckage

The wreckage of a helicopter that crashed near Terrace June 1, killing three, has arrived in Vancouver to be examined by aviatio experts.

  • Thu Jun 7th, 2012 3:00pm
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THE WRECKAGE of a helicopter that crashed west of Terrace June 1st is now in Vancouver being examined by the federal transportation safety body.

The helicopter’s remains arrived in Vancouver yesterday after an on-site investigation was completed by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Investigators from the board, which is charged with determining the cause of a crash, are now looking at various aspects of the wreckage to determine what caused the crash that killed three men near Terrace last Friday. The Bailey Helicopters’ aircraft wreckage will be examined to determine things like impact direction and strength and also if the mechanical components of the helicopter were working properly.

We look at what’s broken, who, where, how things are bent to try and determine angle of impact,” said Bill Yearwood, regional manager of the Transportation Safety Board.

Prior to transporting wreckage to Vancouver, Yearwood noted the on site investigation is very important.

The job there was to try and identify direction of flight … to look at wreckage before it’s disturbed,” said Yearwood, adding the “original impact condition” provides useful evidence.

The board will also look into factors such as weather and other environmental conditions as well as the human factor.

It’s a methodical process to try and eliminate issues,” said Yearwood.

Once the investigation is complete, a report will be written and submitted for various review processes prior to being released.

This process takes roughly one year for the findings of the investigation to be released.

Two investigators form the board arrived in Terrace Saturday June 2 to investigate the crash which occurred above the tree line on Sleeping Beauty Mountain 14 km west of Terrace.