Donor aids Nass Valley readers

Free access to Terrace Public Library remains in place

  • Mon Jan 30th, 2012 7:00am
  • News

THANKS to an anonymous donor, Nass Valley residents still have free access to Terrace’s public library this year.

Last fall, the school district in the Nass Valley said it couldn’t pay the library $2,000 any longer as a user fee on behalf of the valley’s residents.

The loss of the valley’s residents as users would have also meant a $5,000 cut in the provincial grant it provides the library because its based on the number of library users.

That would have meant a combined dip of $7,000, a significant amount given the library is in a financial bind as it is and had been contemplating closing for a period of time this year.

But the situation would have been more serious in the Nass Valley because while there are school libraries in the communities, there is no public library service there.

Losing free access to the Terrace Public Library would have had learning consequences, says Terrace Public Library board chair Patti Chapman.

“Anytime you can get books or story hours to children it certainly helps with literacy,” said Chapman. “I think we all know how important that is.”

Chapman said that she has no idea who the donor is, but can’t thank them enough.

“It made us not have to amend to the worst our budget proposal (to the city),” said Chapman, explaining that the loss of the monies associated with the Nass had already been factored into spending plans.

“I think that’s amazing that somebody thinks that much of providing literacy to children and families that they would donate the money themselves,” she said.

Chapman added that another program that sees books delivered to the Nass region will also be able to continue.

Taxes cover user fees for Terrace residents and for those in the rural area.