D-Day veteran Sandy Sandhals accepts a wreath from the Royal Canadian Legion on behalf of his comrades-in-arms Frederick Annett

D-Day vets lay wreath at Terrace city hall cenotaph

The June 6 occasion marked the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings

The 70th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, was noted Friday, June 6 at the cenotaph in front of city hall when five Terrace Second World War veterans who took part in the landings and the aftermath placed a wreath.

The five are to receive a medal from the French government in recognition of their involvement in the Normandy landings marking the invasion of German-occupied France. It was a watershed moment that tipped the balance of the war toward the Allies as thousands of troops braved enemy fire.

“We were too damned scared of getting killed to feel much of anything else,” said Fred Annett of the immediate days following the invasion.

Before the invasion, Annett had been helping set up. “I was on the coast in England at the time. We were making runways for the planes. The road got clogged with vehicles and armoured cars.”

It was apparent that a massive attack was being prepared, said Annett.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 13 president Ray Hallock spoke at the event.

“They created a moment that all Canadians can be proud of,” he said.