Cullen ousted in third ballot

No leader of the opposition to come from the northwest

  • Sat Mar 24th, 2012 7:00am
  • News

NATHAN CULLEN’S dreams of being leader of the opposition, and possibly the next prime minister, have been dashed in the third ballot but that didn’t dampen his enthusiasm.

Cullen placed third for the third time with 15,426 votes (24.6 per cent) behind Topp’s 19,822 (31.6 per cent) and Mulcair’s 27,488 votes (43.8 per cent).

He didn’t specify where his vote would go in the next round but did release his delegates to vote as they saw fit.

“I’m going to think about things,” said Cullen online after the third vote, adding he was overwhelmed.

He dismissed a reporter’s comment about him being a “king maker”, saying choosing a leader wasn’t about a “monarchy” but about choice.

“I’m a democrat at my heart.”