Councillor in Vancouver hospital

Long-time city councillor Lynne Christiansen has been diagnosed with Wegener's disease, characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels.

  • Sun Aug 26th, 2012 6:00am
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A long-time Terrace city councillor is fighting a rare disease in a Vancouver hospital.

Lynne Christiansen, an elected city official since December 1999, has been diagnosed with Wegener’s disease, which currently has no cure.

The disease is a rare autoimmune disorder characterized by inflamed blood vessels. It affects the body’s organs, and is considered life threatening. Christiansen was flown to a Vancouver hospital two weeks ago and last week had shown improvements in her condition, according to her mother Grace Warner.

“I appreciate everybody that’s been calling about Lynne, and many many people say they’re praying for her,” said Warner.

Councillor Marylin Davies said those prayers are coming form the city of Terrace too.

“As council we are very anxious about her,” said Davies. “Everybody’s thoughts and prayers are with her.”

Davies added that as Christiansen is considered seriously ill, right now what’s important for council is that she rest and focus on getting better.

After weeks of testing, Christiansen was flown to a Vancouver hospital and doctors there induced a coma. Members of her family were flown down to be by her side.

She has since been brought out of the coma.

“The report is there hasn’t been any big changes but she’s holding her own right now,” said Warner on Aug. 25, adding Christiansen is responding, talking and has had visitors, including her sisters.

Christiansen has a long-standing history in Terrace, notably as the former president of the farmers market and as an advocate for health services.

As a council member, she has been a strong advocate for  improving health care services.