Copper Mountain cell service disrupted

Mobile phone reception could be patchy because of a downed antenna.

  • Tue Jan 3rd, 2012 2:00pm
  • News

Cell phone users in the Copper Mountain area may be hitting some dead spots in reception as a Telus tower site has received some snow damage.

Our site on Copper Mountain went down in a rather severe storm,” says Shawn Hall from Telus. He explained one of the sites’ two antennas is covered in snow and most likely damaged.

Hall said the extreme weather has so far prevented repair crews from being able to get up the mountain, but they hope to access the site tomorrow.

We are going to have that (the damaged antenna) restored as quickly as possible,” he said.

Hall expects both antennas on the site to be fully functional by Thursday of this week.

Telus has another site in Terrace, which Hall said is unaffected by the weather and operating properly.