Centre for economics innovation plans possible dissolution

Skeena-Nass Centre for Innovation in Resource Economics (SNCIRE) has closed Terrace office and is operating as 'virtual' organization

  • Mon Mar 3rd, 2014 5:00pm
  • News

The Skeena-Nass Center for Innovation in Resource Economics (SNCIRE) nonprofit society plans to propose the formal dissolution of the organization to its membership at its annual general meeting in May.

“Late last year, SNCIRE made a goal to raise $200,000. We got lots of support but not enough to be as effective as we would want to be. And unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees,” said the society in a press release late this afternoon, March 3.

“So we’ve downsized; we’ve closed our Terrace office and are now a virtual organization. We’re still here. Our staff is still working. We’ve just slowed down.

“Unless our state of affairs changes, at our 2014 AGM in May, we will propose to the membership that we take the steps necessary to formally dissolve the organization,” continues the release.

“We will continue our efforts to secure long-term fundng for SNCIRE as we have shown great benefit to the region despite this economic reality. We also still plan to do good work and have fun!”

SNCIRE will host an Innovation Challenge over the next couple of months that will end with an event in May, showcasing the challenge’s submissions. The challenge aims to celebrate the creativity of the people of Northwest BC and SNCIRE’s work over the last few years.

The event in May will correlate with our 2014 AGM. Details coming soon.

SNCIRE’s staff and board members will also continue to work on behalf of the region in other capacities.

“We genuinely believe that the region is able to take advantage of the opportunities happening in our backyard and create a Northwest BC that Northwest BCers want. We also believe it will take leadership, support and action to drive today’s economic boom into long-term prosperity rather than another social, economic or environmental bust,” said the release.

“Through innovation and research, we identify, develop and promote opportunities to build a resilient and sustainable natural resource economy in the Skeena-Nass region.”