Caregiver continues protest against abuse

  • Mon Mar 21st, 2011 8:00am
  • News

ROBERT CROSBY continues to protest what he says was an assault by hospital staff on Martin Brown

THE MAN who says hospital staff abused a man in his care said a meeting with police March 15 went well.

Bob Crosby says he expects to hear more from the police officer he spoke with by mid-April.

Crosby takes care of Marvin Brown, who is in a wheelchair and who needs a high level of care.

Crosby says Brown was held down and blood taken from him in the Mills Memorial Hospital emergency room by staff and a physician after Brown had said he did not wish that to happen.

“Now we know we’re not in limbo like we were with the health authority,” said Crosby after the interview with the police officer was over.

Northern Health Authority officials said they considered the matter over after concluding Brown received the care he needed. They did not speak with Brown.

Crosby said the officer did not speak to Brown either as he was not feeling well on the scheduled day of the interview.

Instead Crosby went to the police detachment where he said he also handed over photocopies of notes and correspondence regarding the case.

Crosby began picketing Mills three weeks ago but shifted to the four-way stop of Hwy16 and Hwy37 today, saying more people would be able to see him there.