A BOMB-SNIFFING dog came in from Prince George today to do a thorough search for any bombs at Northwest Community College.

Bomb-sniffing dog searches college campus

Students not likely to get back on campus until late tonight or tomorrow.

A BOMB-SNIFFING dog will be checking out the college buildings for the next several hours as police do a thorough search for any bombs.

Terrace RCMP officers had evacuated the buildings earlier today at Northwest Community College after a bomb threat was called in.

Officers will now work with the bomb-sniffing dog for a more thorough check, which could take longer than an earlier estimate of three to four hours, says Terrace RCMP inspector Dana Hart this afternoon.

Hart also said emergency social services will set up at the arena so college students, who likely won’t be back into the buildings until late tonight or early tomorrow, can go there for dinner.

Phil Saunders, director of communication and public relations for the college, said he was advised that students are unlikely to get back on campus before 10 p.m. tonight.

But students’ belongings  left in the classrooms when they evacuated will be secure as the rooms have been locked and will remain locked, he said.

Arrangements are being made for the 76 students lodging in the dorms to help them get home or to accommodations and many have been taken care of already, said Saunders.

He added that he and other college staff are communicating with students using the college website and email from the staff’s temporary location in a room at the University of Northern BC campus, which also supplied tech support.

Hart added that vehicles are still advised to steer clear of McConnell Ave. between Floyd St. and Hwy 113.