Thornhill fire chief Rick Boehm takes a look at the damage to a garage on Maple St. along Queensway this afternoon

Blaze consumes garage near Queensway in Terrace, B.C.

Thornhill firefighters were called out to douse flames after a fire ignited and gutted the building, taking a boat with it.

  • Wed Feb 3rd, 2016 5:00am
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A homeowner was not injured when a fire broke out while he was working on his boat parked in his garage on Maple St. near Queensway, this morning, Feb. 3.

The blaze ripped through the garage, taking everything inside with it plus the roof, walls and garage door.

Heat from the fire damaged a minivan parked outside the garage and melted the siding on the neighbour’s house next door.

Thornhill fire chief Rick Boehm said it was too early to know the cause of the blaze, but the homeowner’s daughter said her dad was working on his boat when he spilled some gas on the garage floor.

He also was replacing the battery in the boat when a spark ignited and the fire began.

She said he tried to fight the flames for a while but got out and was OK.

Firefighters remained at the scene to clean up and investigate.