Coast Mountain School District 82 newly appointed representatives for the BCSEA and BCSTA

Art Erasmus returned as northwestern B.C. school board chair

Trustees also selected to sit on various provincial associations

The new four-year term for the school board that governs schools in Terrace, Kitimat, the Hazeltons, Kitwanga and Stewart is underway.

The inaugural meeting for the new board happened Dec. 8 with the Coast Mountains School District 82 electing its new chair and council delegates Dec. 8 to the BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) and the British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA) .

Art Erasmus, one of the Terrace trustees, is in his tenth year on the board and was elected for a third term as chair.

In terms of the vice chair position, the board passed a resolution to have this be a rotating one beginning with Angela Brand Danuser from Stewart, then rotating in sequence with Shar McCrory from Hazelton, Raymond Apna-Raj from Kitimat, Gary Turner from Thornhill and Margaret Warcup from Kitimat.

Roger Leclerc, the second trustee from Terrace who served as vice chair last year, is not part of the rotation.

Erasmus said the board will decide at a meeting next week if the rotations will happen on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

Gary Turner was elected as delegate to the BCPSEA and Margaret Warcup was voted in as alternate.

Raymond Apna-Raj was elected by the board for a second time to be the BCSTA provincial councillor with Shar McCrory voted as alternate.

Before the vote Gary Turner introduced a motion that would allow full disclosure of the names of who voted for whom, but the motion was defeated 4-3.