The city will soon have a dual viewer like this one when city administration decides where to place it. One is for people to look through while standing and the second one is nore accessible for people in wheelchairs and children.

A closeup look at spectacular views coming soon

Focusing in on the sights in and around the city will be possible with gift of a dual viewer

City council accepted the gift of a dual viewer in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday and it’s now up to city administration to decide on a location for it.

The viewer, similar to ones at tourist spots such as Niagara Falls, provides a closeup view of the horizonand this one adds accessibility because one is shorter.

There is one positioned for people to look through while standing up and the other is placed lower down to accommodate people in wheelchairs and children, said Grace Makowski, branch manager of Northern Saving Credit Union.

Makowski offered suggestions for where the viewer could be placed: the top of Skeenaview Drive right behind McConnell Estates at the top of Kalum hill, on arena hill in front of the Terrace Sportsplex overlooking George Little Park, or anywhere along the Grand Trunk Pathway.

Costs of installation will be paid by the credit union, she added.

Makowski said the deadline to order the viewer was July 31 as it would take six to seven weeks to get it and it would be nice to get it in time for credit union day which is Oct. 19.