Cinque Terre and Riomaggiore: The Italian coast shines in summer

Italy's a special place, but you already know this. Enjoy the food, look at the women, and don't complain about anything.

Child care

Unwavering commitment worth every little person’s weight in gold

To China

A Terrace woman’s story about caring for some of China’s most vulnerable.

  • Jan 16th, 2013
Best dressed: Hudson's Bay Co. unveils kit for Pyeongchang Olympics


    REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


      How Canada could play a role in planned lunar space station


        REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


          Grey Power

          The growth in the number of seniors is changing society's face

          • May 28th, 2012

          A father’s love

          Losing a son makes Tony Wilson realize the value of life.

          • May 9th, 2012

          The heart of a school

          WHEN THE school year ends at Thornhill Junior Secondary this June it will be different than any other summer.

          • Apr 30th, 2012

          Heavy Duty

          AS INDUSTRIAL activity begins to boom in the northwest, people are lining up to take part in the heavy equipment operator course.

          Fruit tree pruning 101

          'Tis the season in Terrace B.C. to start getting fruit trees ready and a local resident has some tips on how to do it.

          • Apr 2nd, 2012

          A different way to learn

          There is a school in Terrace that is always full to the brim, with a waiting list of students.

          • Mar 14th, 2012

          Catching up

          Local elementary students are behind in academic performance.

          One person’s trash

          A local woman helps the Terrace area do its part recycling

          • Feb 22nd, 2012

          City tops up its pilot recycling project

          CITY COUNCIL is adding a permanent recycling program to 2012 budget-talk topics.

          • Feb 20th, 2012

          Force of Nature

          FLUFFY WHITE snow that’s fallen in waves this winter has hit road snow clearing operations like a ton of bricks.

          • Feb 15th, 2012

          Adoption Options

          In an attempt to keep cats from being euthanized and promote responsible ownership, local animal lovers are joining forces.

          Patti’s Inspiration

          One local woman’s journey leads to a new way of cancer care here

          Slow but steady: Nine years of Terrace history

          At her last council meeting, Carol Leclerc took the opportunity to highlight some of the changes she’s witnessed in those nine years.

          Making the grade?

          Blank report cards were mailed to Coast Mountains students’ homes last week.

          Earthquake means ‘drop, cover, hold on’

          The best way to protect yourself from falling objects in an earthquake is ducking under a desk or sturdy table until one minute after the shaking stops.

          Town Talk: What does Terrace, BC have in common with Tillsonburg, Ontario?

          Getting soaked in a deluge one morning last summer while walking to Coffee Culture in my hometown of Tillsonburg, Ontario, put me in mind

          • Oct 19th, 2011

          Market mavens

          Saving money is no passing fashion, and now social media is giving spend-thrifty consumers in Terrace yet another avenue to save a buck — or hundreds.