The BC Green Party is a strong advocate of electoral reform for provincial elections. From the left, Green MLA Adam Olsen, Green leader and MLA Andrew Weaver and Green MLA Sonia Furstenau. Tom Fletcher photo

Time to follow through on electoral reform pledge

Issue now at the forefront of provincial political scene

An open letter to:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Sir:

The Council of Canadians, Terrace Chapter, is writing to voice our extreme disappointment with your rejection of electoral reform.

As your support of electoral reform was very strong throughout your election campaign, with a pledge to ensure “that the 2015 election will be the last federal election using first past the post,” the change in your commitment to proportional representation is very inappropriate.

This is a total betrayal of those who voted for your party and those who worked very hard on the electoral reform committee to fulfil Canadian citizens’ wishes for a more democratic voting system.

Yet another axed election promise just produces more cynicism, especially from our youth. Certainly electoral reform would have made them feel more positive about their future.

What should we believe now and in the future, knowing your commitments and your standards can change momentarily.

You made a very firm promise to reform our voting system. We can only conclude that when something is not to your advantage, the citizens’ wishes no longer matter.

We want to add our voices to the voters who expected you to represent the public will and show a higher standard of principled behaviour.

In the recent B.C. provincial election, the platforms of both the Green Party and the NDP included proportional representation.

The outcome of the election strongly shows once again the will of the voters for electoral reform and the time for change is now.

We believe every vote should count equally and every voice should be heard in Parliament.

Why should a party receiving 39 per cent of the votes get 100 per cent of the power?

We call upon the federal government to take action on electoral reform in time for the next federal election.

Barry English, Acting Chair, Council of

Canadians, Terrace Chapter,

Terrace, B.C.