Editorial: Gas hike causing inequity in northwest B.C.

Normally if you buy less, you spend less, but when it comes to natural gas in northwestern B.C. its buy less, spend more.

Editorial: Is an oil refinery really a good idea?

That's a big pair of dice Skeena BC Liberal candidate Ellis Ross is rolling in his support of an oil refinery in the riding.

Editorial: No respect for northwest B.C.

Though the northwest may have been left out in a survey of best places to live, it boasts spectacular beauty and many other assets.

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        Editorial: What do you pursue?

        It's a great time of year to scrutinize our lives: we show what we view as important through the time we invest.

        Editorial: A chance to secure local jobs

        The construction of a new Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace B.C. offers vast opportunity for local employment.

        Editorial: New hospital will draw more professionals to Terrace B.C.

        Along with job opportunities during construction of a new Mills Memorial Hospital, the facility will also provide more professional jobs.

        Editorial: The best place for a hospital

        Bordered by a school, Sande Overpass, and residential properties, is the current location of Mills Memorial Hospital the best place?

        Editorial: The McRaes deserve honour

        A wing of the new Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace B.C should be named in honour of the McRaes for their dedication to care here.

        Editorial: Thumbs up to hospital directors for standing firm

        Directors of the northwest B.C. hospital district were right on when they stood firm about its share of hospital costs.

        Editorial: Votes determined by who we trust

        As the two provincial candidates in the Skeena riding vie for votes, the key question for Terrace B.C. voters is who do we trust?