A Terrace resident took this photo while driving from Smithers to Terrace near Gitsegukla July 7.

UFO cloud photographed outside Terrace, B.C.

A local man took the photo of what he said is called a "lenticular" cloud formation that can occur when it's windy

If you saw a cloud formation outside of Terrace that looked like a UFO, you’re not the only one.

Bob Wall was driving when he saw a cloud formation that looked just like a UFO and snapped a photo of it through his windshield near Gitsegukla while driving from Smithers to Terrace July 7.

He said he understands that it’s called a “lenticular” cloud and can form when the wind is blowing.

It looks so realistic it’s hard to imagine it isn’t a photoshopped image but Wall said it isn’t.

Wikipedia says there are different types of these clouds: altocumulus standing lenticularis, stratocumulus standing lenticular and cirrocumulus standing lenticular.

Environment Canada contains details on different types of clouds but a search didn’t provide any details about UFO clouds or lenticular clouds.