Terrace RCMP beeps bye-bye to the Bug

Seventeen-year-old community cruiser no longer suits current policing needs

Those driving by the Terrace RCMP detachment may notice something missing – the iconic Community Policing Volkswagon Beetle.

After 17 years of serving the Terrace RCMP, the bug is beeping bye-bye to its policing duties.

Earlier this week, Staff Sergeant Michael Robinson handed Public Works the keys to the Beetle, now stripped of its police light, sirens and RCMP decals.

“The Bug was a head-turner for anyone driving by the Detachment for as long as I can remember,” said Staff Sergeant Robinson. “It served the community for a long time and it’s a little sad to see it retire.”

The Volkswagon Beetle joined the Terrace RCMP as a gift from the community in 2000.

Its non-traditional appearance was intended to encourage interactions between the community and police. Equipped with lights and sirens and sporting RCMP decals, the white bug was used for school liaison responsibilities, community presentations, and public events. Its purchase was made possible through donations from numerous community groups and organizations, including Rotary, Canadian Tire and the Canadian Tire Community Group, Crime Stoppers, ICBC, and other partners.

Going forward, Community Policing duties will be served in a fully-equipped cruiser from the current fleet.

“The RCMP Bug was an iconic symbol of policing in Terrace but as the needs of the detachment change it is important to stay current,” said Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc. “The City of Terrace is committed to working with the RCMP to ensure they are properly equipped to serve our community.”

Inspector Sydney Lecky, Commander of the Terrace RCMP Detachment, would like to thank the City and the RCMP’s community partners for their continued support of policing and of the citizens of Terrace.

What’s next for the Beetle has yet to be decided.