Sharlene Closter buys herself a burger from Mr. Mikes server Dannie Ruff at the North Coast Angler fundraiser barbecue July 8. Closter said she came down to give her support because she used to be a business owner herself. She and her late husband also used to shop at North Coast Anglers, so when she heard about the fundraiser she was eager to offer her support. For more on the event, see Page 14. Jackie Lieuwen photo

North Coast Anglers owners doing well after fire

Barbecue at Lakelse and Kalum today, site of the former fish tackle store which burned last April

THREE companies joined together in a small downtown event that included a barbecue fundraiser for the prior owners of the burned North Coast Anglers store.

An early morning blaze back in April destroyed the well-known fish tackle store, owned by Randy and Leona Murray, who have since cleaned up the site.

Leona says they are coping well with the loss.

“We’re okay,” she said. “We know we can’t do anything about it, and if we sit there and feel sorry for ourselves, we’re never going to go on.”

“We have our moments,” she acknowledged, “but other than that, we are doing well and moving forward.”

The community support has been amazing, she said, with people reaching out to support from across the northwest including Stewart and Gingolx.

Insurance is coming in and Leona says that she and Randy haven’t decided yet whether they will rebuild the store.

“We have a year to decide what we’re going to do with this lot,” she said.

Last weeks fundraiser included Mr. Mikes, EZ-Rock and City West and raised just over $1,000.

Leona and Randy said they plan to take some of the money and pay-it-forward to Helping Hands, which helps local residents with medical fees and flights when they need it.

City West was also celebrating their recent $1 million fibre-optic upgrade in downtown Terrace.


A barbecue was held at Lakelse and Kalum, site of the former North Coast Anglers fishing tackle store which burned in April.